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A one-sided wallet contains either the public address or the private key. The double-sided wallet contains both.

Goodbye woodwallets (?)

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Gift a Woodwallet : coupon code

19.00 $ , ~ 79 mBTC

You want to gift a Woodwallet? Well, you can’t place an order for someone else since that would mean that you are choosing their encryption passphrase. And you shouldn’t to that: each buyer needs to generate the encrypted private key on their own machine.

But don’t worry, you are in the right place. Here you can buy redeemable codes so that someone else will be able to order a woodwallets autonomously.

A woodwallet is a smart gift for :

✔ Friends and Family
✔ Members of your community/meetup/organization
Boost the loyalty of your customers

When you buy  this product you will receive – within 24 hours – a unique coupon-code that can be spent on our website and a pre-formatted pdf containing all the instructions to place the order.

How does a Woodwallet work?

Woodwallet works like a traditional paper-wallet : the public side contains the public address where you can send your coins. The private side contains the private key that lets you spend them, protected with a passphrase you set. Both sides comes with an engraved QR code that you can scan with any mobile device and pair with your mobile or web application to manage the funds.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions.

Should I gift the one side double side version?

That is up to you : the single-side version can contain either the public address or the private key. The first can be used to get paid while the second can be kept safe for spending.
On the other hand, the double-sided version contains both the private and the public key. Either way remember that the private side is passphrase-protected, meaning that even if lost or compromised, it is harmless.


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Not sure yet? Drop an email at [email protected] for any information, read more about us or go to the frequently asked questions.

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