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Two sides : Private + Public key

25.00 $ , ~ 104 mBTC

The safest way to store your coins is to keep them away from computers. We customise for you an elegant and top-quality wooden card which contains all the information necessary to store and withdraw your coins safely.

To order a Woodwallet you need to encrypt it with BIP38 or another technology ( HOWTOs ).

Check the dropdown menu on the left to see which coins are currently available. We only accept payments with cryptos.

Free shipping worldwide included. UPS and others shipping options available on checkout.

How does it work?

A Woodwallet works like a traditional paper-wallet : the public side contains the public address where you can send your coins. The private side contains the private key that lets you spend them, protected with a passphrase you set (Read more about paper-wallets here and here). Both sides comes with an engraved QR code that you can scan with any mobile device and pair with your mobile or web application to manage the funds.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions.

How can I generate the needed BIP38-encrypted private key?

Please refer to our HOWTOs page to generate an encrypted private key.

You should never give away your private key to third parties. That’s why we only accept encrypted private keys.  We suggest to make use of state-of-the-art encryption technology BIP0038, specifically designed to work along with the bitcoin protocol. BIP0038 proved safe, and without your passphrase the private side is useless.  We never store your private key anywhere, even if encrypted. If you lose it, you lose access to your coins. A good practice is to have multiple copies of the private key stored in multiple places (Check out the private key only version of woodwallets.)

Please refer to our HOWTOs page to generate an encrypted private key.  If you don’t feel like putting any private key on your wallet you can order our one-sided version with your public address only.

Disclaimer and conditions.

Woodwallets are sold as pieces of for collection, with no crypto-currency value attached. Before shipping a product we make sure it is not associated with any positive balance, making it a de-facto empty engraved wood. Before committing any significant amount on an offline wallet you should always make tests with small amounts before. Please double-check that you provided the correct key to us (copy-paste, don’t type).  You should know what you are doing and read-up on the topic. Despite we are here to help, we are not responsible for any losses. Also, we don’t offer returns or reimbursement in case the packet gets lost with free shipping option.

Enter your information on the left side and get your ordered filled now: observe that on the public side you can add a short personal message.

Not sure yet? Drop an email at [email protected] for any information, read more about us or go to the frequently asked questions.

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